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De 20 mest lästa artiklarna när TNW summerar 2014

The Next Web (TNW) är en källa till digitala insikter som det ofta är relevant att hämta kompletterande information från när vi kurerar. TNW har sammanställt de 20 mest lästa artiklarna under 2014 som bidrar till det bokslut som det är hög tid att göra.


20 – Google speeds up Chrome by compiling JavaScript in the background

19 – Google is backing a new $300 million high-speed internet Trans-Pacific cable system between the US and Japan

18 – Make your Android device a whole lot smarter with these handy apps

17 – 10 of the best word processing apps for Mac

16 – 9 ways to grow your Twitter following (ethically)

15 – 20 of the best productivity apps of 2013

14 – PayPal denies providing payment information to hacker who hijacked $50,000 Twitter username

13 – 15 of the best music streaming platforms online today. Which one is best for you?

Mixcloud android 730x395 730x395 TNWs 20 most read posts of 2014

12 – The rise of OpenStreetMap: A quest to conquer Google’s mapping empire

11 – 15 of the best Android apps from March

10 – Facebook’s Highlights of 2014 Generates a Beautiful Post of Your Memories

9 – This could be the iCloud flaw that led to celebrity photos being leaked

8 – WhatsApp finally tells you when your messages have been read

7 – Roundup: All of Google’s jokes for April Fools’ Day 2014

6 – Windows to the Web: 10 of the best Android browser apps

5 – 32 of the best apps for Google’s Chromecast

4 – Google Maps now lets you find and catch wild Pokémon

3 – This surfing video shot with a drone and a GoPro at Banzai Pipeline will blow you away

 2- Sony sells its waterproof mp3 player inside a bottle of water

1 – How I lost my $50,000 Twitter username

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