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4 hektiska dagar då allt hände hos Facebook - ExploreCurate

4 hektiska dagar då allt hände hos Facebook

Det här nog inte undgått någon att Facebook har varit väldigt aktiva de senaste veckorna. En rad nyheter har kommunicerats på ett ”positivt” sätt för användarna och annonsörerna.

Vi har hittat en väldigt bra sammanfattande artikel på Internetpandas.com där Jess Bahr skriver om de 4 hektiska dagarna då allt hände hos Facebook.

It should be noted that a lot of the app changes we are seeing from Facebook are being developed through Creatives Labs, a 6,000 person startup within Facebook launched in January 2014. One of the goals of Creative Labs is to develop sing-purpose standalone mobile apps to continue un-bundling the main Facebook app.

Här kommer artikeln i sin helhet på engelska.

18 november

Facebook Techwire

FB Techwire is an expansion of FB Newswire, which formed in April 2014 through a partnership with Storyful (the “leader in social content discovery and verification for newsrooms”).


FB Techwire will focus on surfacing original content (from FB users) including first-person accounts and breaking news posted to Facebook by tech organizations and influencers.

The goal of FB Newswire and Techwire is for Facebook to become the source for news articles, in the way we have seen Twitter be the source of news for many global events.

Facebook wants to be the primary source of news, and this is another move in that direction after the underwhelming Paper app.

Facebook Groups

Facebook introduced a new Groups app to help the 700 million group users more easily manage their experience on mobile.


Users can share content they share content, manage group settings,  create new groups, and find new groups to join based off groups friends are in, pages liked, and, their location.

Unlike the messenger app, groups will still be accessible in the main Facebook app.

There is no immediate plan to monetize the stand-alone apps, but the Groups app combined with a Buy Now button (which has been in the talks for a while) could launch Craigslist or eBay peer-to-peer environment in the Groups app.

 17 november

Facebook at Work

An inside source shared news that Facebook is working on a business communications and social network which would compete agains the likes of LinkedIn, Microsoft, SalesForce, and IBM.

The new site would be similar to the current Facebook site adding in the ability to separate work and personal activities. Users would also have access to a suite of business collaboration tools including communication and document creation capabilities.

Facebook has declined to comment on the rumors and most outlets are skeptical of the potential for Facebook to disrupt the business communications world.

14 november

Algorithm Update

In September a lot of people saw their organic reach decrease when Facebook rolled out anti-click bait algorithm changes.

It’s happening again.

Facebook can control the number of ads a user sees, but they can’t control the number of promotional sounding organic posts that users are exposed to because it depends on the page’s they like, frequency of content they put out, how the user engages with that page’s content, and more.

In order to regain control Facebook is shutting down promotional sounding organic posts. Organic reach means that even if people opt-in to get all of your notifications they still won’t see your content.

Facebook announced that in early 2015 they will be rolling out a new algorithm targeting 3 specific types of ORGANIC posts, with the goal of reducing the amount of promotional sounding organic posts.

Facebook has said that they will not be increasing the number of ads a user views, and with the eliminated organic posts more page owners will be driven into running ads.

That means more people wanting to run ads without the number of ad spaces available increasing, so more demand than supply and you will most likely see that as your organic reach decreases your ad costs will increase.

The post types targeted for removal are:

1) Posts that ask the fan to buy a product or install an app

2) Posts that ask people to enter contests or sweepstakes

3) Post that use the same content from ads

There are example posts and more info in the announcement on FB’s site here

12 november

Say Thanks Video

Facebook has launched a Say Thanks video creator which produces a short ~1 minute video featuring 15 photos, posts, or life events that you and a friend were both tagged in.

Facebook Thanks

The Say Thanks video is similar to the Look Back video launched last February. Facebook reported the 157 million people created and 354 million people viewed Look Back videos.

The Say Thanks video creator features a limited customization options which has brought criticism including Slate calling the project “a terrible way to thank someone.”

The role of video is growing for FB with the platform reaching 1 billion views a day for native videos. The Ice Bucket Challenge generated 10 billion views from 440 million users.

Källa; Internetpandas.com

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