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Så ansöker du om att bli en "influencer" på Linkedin - ExploreCurate

Så ansöker du om att bli en ”influencer” på Linkedin

Linkedin når över 300 miljoner användare världen över och alla är där i sin professionella roll. Linkedin lanserar hela tiden nya features och den senaste skapar stora möjligheter för de som bidrar med bra innehåll.

Med sin nya ”Publishing platform” får utvalda användare möjligheten att publicera sitt innehåll direkt på Linkedin. ExploreCurate har fått den möjligheten och testat (läs ExploreCurate’s artikel ”Har dagstidningarna formulerat fel problemställning?” här). Via en enkel editor kan innehållet skrivas in/laddas upp precis som i vilken blogg som helst.

Linkedin’s testade vid lanseringen i februari att ge 500 utvalda möjligheten att bli ”Influencers” och skapade funktionalitet för att de första artiklarna endast nådde till det egna nätverket och om innehållet skapade engagemang distribuerades innehållet till en större grupp. Man såg också till att artiklarna publicerades på Influencerns egna sida.

Ansök om att få publicera

Du kan ansöka om möjligheten att få publicera. Du får ge exempel på innehåll som du publicerat tidigare och Linkedin bedömer om du får publiceringsrätt. Linkedin meddelar att det är ”invitation-only”, men via ett enkelt formulär kan man ansöka om att få möjligheten till en längre ansökningsprocess.


Formuläret för ansökan om att publicera direkt på Linkedin hittar du här.

Lycka till!

10 steg att få fler läsare av dina inlägg på Linkedin

Avslutningsvis ger vi dig 10 bra tips från Marko Saric som driver bloggen  (på engelska).

With your first post published, it all becomes a question of what you can do to get more exposure to your content. These are the steps to take to give yourself a better chance of reaching more people:

  • Engagement has a say in virality potential. You should publish content that resonates with your audience to get a broader natural distribution by the community. Content is organically distributed beyond your immediate network thanks to engagement such as views, likes, comments and link shares.
  • Getting tagged and featured by LinkedIn is where the real opportunity to reach a large audience is. Just like the Google search algorithm, the LinkedIn tagging algorithm is secret but the above mentioned engagement actions are also some of the metrics that the algorithm takes into account when determining which posts to included on the homepage, in the Top Posts section or which to feature in one of the channels within Pulse. Note that the tagging algorithm evaluates the content itself and doesn’t consider the information on your profile. The other important metric is the quality and relevance of your content. Keep reading.
  • Publishing content that is timely, relevant and that educates, thrills and delights is the only way to get engagement, followers and to get the algorithm to take notice. Share your professional expertise, display your passion and insights by publishing quality posts that resonate with your audience. This cannot be stressed enough. Don’t publish sales pitches and other overly promotional content as that will not result in any engagement and organic reach. My post was about The New York Times Innovation Report leak that people were talking about and I added value by creating a post that focused on the takeaways from the report. If you didn’t have enough time to go through the long report you could just take a look at my quick and practical bulletpoints. LinkedIn also recommends you focus your content on:

Challenges that you have faced
Opportunities that you have seized
Important current trends and possible future trends in your industry
Your most memorable work experiences
Lessons you have learned along the way
Advice you would give to someone hoping to enter your field
Advice you would give for career advancement in your function
How you started in the field and what you would do if you had to start all over again
Challenges for the future of your function

  • Link internally within your LinkedIn posts to your main site. This is important in order to get visitors from LinkedIn to your main site so do not neglect it. You do this best by including relevant links within your posts to other quality content you have published on your site. Exactly the same as you would do when linking internally on your own posts on your site.
  • Follow channels and cover topics that are relevant to the popular channels of your expertise. Some of the most followed channels with more than one million followers each are “Leadership & Management”, “Entrepreneurship & Small Business”, “Marketing Strategies”, “Professional Women”, “Big Ideas & Innovation”, “Social Media”, “Recruiting And Hiring”, “Best Advice”, “Economy”, “Education”, “Healthcare”, “Technology”, “Customer Experience” and “Your Career”.
  • Syndicate your existing content through LinkedIn. You don’t necessary have to publish brand new content on LinkedIn. Instead you can use Linked publishing to syndicate your existing content that worked well on other platforms in the past and get your timeless pieces in front of a new audience.
  • Get more LinkedIn connections. The content that you publish automatically becomes part of your LinkedIn profile and is shared with your trusted network of connections. This is why you should work on building a large number of connections. One way to do this is to send LinkedIn connect invites to people you have been in contact with. You do this in “Network” in the top navigation by choosing “Add Connections”.
  • Get more followers. As a LinkedIn content publisher people can also follow you even though they don’t know you and are not part of your trusted network. It works like Twitter and any other social media so the more people that follow you the greater the potential reach of your content is.
  • Engage with other long-form posts on the platform. Explore, like, share and comment on other articles to make connections and get more attention to yourself. You can follow the same approach as when writing comments on relevant sites.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups. Engage with other contributors to build your connections and share your own quality content when relevant in order to drive views.